A postal card... Is that all you can do? I swear I cannot stand this anymore! Oh... Wait... I... I did not know you could do that. That you were... So skilled...
It's beautiful.
And for some reason I just... It's not just beautiful. You put your soul in it. All of your beauty, all of your feelings...
You're crying?
Yes, yes I am... I'm just... Thankful and happy. Thank you.
Merry Christmas and happy birthday dear.

Thank you love. Honestly I don't think I deserve you. I almost was disappointed by your gift.
You know that's part of your charm - your honesty l mean. And don't worry, better gifts are coming.



Wipe your tears
When you are done crying
But don't stop, let them flow
Until you're feeling better

I'll be there for you my dear
As long as you need me
Some day you will forget your fears
And you will finally set me free

I don't know why you are crying
Cry all your tears my little beauty
I know life is a lot of pain and suffering

Still there is some beauty in this world
In so many people / Even if sometimes
You will need to hang on until you can
Finally set me free