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About this website

First of all, thank you for checking this section out! :D

Everything you can see here is made by one single person (save for the jQuery cookie extension I'm using).
SIAH (aka Stick It Around Here) is licenced under Creative Commons (NO commercial use and NO modifications)
EVERYTHING ELSE: the short stories, the other contents and the website is copyrighted. Please don't do anything without my prior agreement
Tutorials from Openclassrooms helped me learning HTML and CSS, jQuery(French only) and PHP/MySQL (French only)
If you like the webcomic reader or the text reader (mostly because they're lightweight), feel free to ask about it (see below for my mail)! :)
Thanks to Nearly Free Speech for the hosting (check them out, they're great)!


As crazy as it might seem you, I have friends!
I'll stick with people who create stuff. AMAZING stuff
Click their name to see their stuff :)

  • Luciper - She draws some crazy stuff and has created a specie on DeviantArt!
  • Mea'eshana - She also draws amazing stuff but she also does some clay sculpture! You can also check her Facebook group!
  • Butterscotch Shenanigans - They are three brothers making AWESOME GAMES. Really, check them out!
  • Ezechiel-World - The website of my older brother. He does a bit of everything. There's a lot of French text though.
  • Vlossy - A great artist and really nice person I met on DeviantArt too.

Why "Hybrid Reverie"?

I chose to name this website Hybrid Reverie for many reasons.
First, Hybrids is the most developed part of my universe (you just don't know it yet). Then, Hybrid is a word that has a meaning to me, since I always feel like I'm somewhere in between an old-fashioned guy and a more modern one (like, I have a pen in a hand and a mouse in the other hand).
Reverie because it goes with my dream of - maybe - being able to live off my writing. Sweet dreams.
Now that I think of it, I don't think that anyone cares. Thanks for reading if you did, you are someone great! ;)

About the creator

I am a young French guy who loves creating things. I have a lot of short stories and projects of my own, like Hybrids (game [one day], novel, short stories), Héritage (short story) or Déjà-Vu (short story/webcomic scenario)
I also am the creator of Stick It Around Here, a webcomic with stick figures, based on my life (not about it though, nobody care about an individual life) and some random ideas.

I also have a strict policy about everything: keep it as simple as possible.
Namely, this website is certainly not the best looking one. But it is simple. And I like it.
I may add some functionalities or things with time, however.

If you want to contact me, just click here and drop a mail! :)