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Welcome here!

This is the home of my short stories!
There should be various short stories, sometimes placed in the same place and time (like Happy Death Day, and upcoming things, like Hybrids shorts, Héritage...), sometimes as independant stories.
There is one thing you should know: all my stories take place in the same universe.
A small script should make all those texts easy and pleasing to read (choose your size and color set).
See the archives below to choose a text to read!

Short Stories Archives

Short Story 12-12-14
A short story about an investigation and two persons with rather different methods...

HDD - 19/08/14
HDD stands for Happy Death Day. Expect something really violent.

Hybrids - History of Interstellar travel (short version)
Some infos about interstellar travel - written for the Hybrids lore

This one was from a dream I think.

I'm not sure what it is worth (even less in English) but I found it fun/interesting.
I hope you like it :)

07/07/14 - Angels
This text is not based on a dream, which is rather uncommon.
I wrote it late at night and it was probably inspired by the hype around VR
There are even a few comics out there that are based on a similar idea.
Quick reminder: click the title for a quick access to the text ;)

I am not certain why, but I felt like sharing this text.
It is probably somewhat cliché, but I still like it. I hope you will like it too :)
Quick reminder: click the title for a quick access to the text ;)

Shade of a Church
This small and fragmentary short is (once again) inspired by a dream.
For those of you who know Thief (the game series), it was something similar.
I hope you'll like it! :)

16/06/11 - Intérieur
This short comes from yet another dream. I can still recall some details of it.
It is also one of my earliest works. I do like the idea, and I think I could write an interesting story, but I would first need to rewrite that part.
I hope you'll enjoy it! :)

This is a rather old story.
Do you think it could be more cliché? I don't dislike that story, but with such a start, it'd likely end up being a really classical fantasy story.
Except if there's some unexpected event that changes everything.
This story is not on the list of the ones I really want to write and complete to be honest.

Once again, this text is based on a dream.
This text was also some kind of experimentation in French, hence my recommendation to read it in French if you can.

27/08/16 - Loser
This story comes from a conversation with an awesome person who goes by the name Plaguey on DeviantArt. She threw in a #DownWithCulturalNormality and we joked about how we should do something with it. So I did something. I hope you enjoy it!

I have no idea what happened to me for this to appear in my dreams. From the hazy recollection I have, it was really weird.
Once again it is the beginning of a potential story that could be written at some point.

Play On
I had the first strophe in my mind. I wrote it and then kept on writing. I am really proud of how it turned out, especially the form. However, the topic is rather common, but I am happy of the way I treated it.

I wrote this one quickly after Play On. I had an idea and wanted to work on the form of the text.

Cards and Tears
I wrote those two texts/poems at the same time and for some reason I did not want to put them apart, so there are two independent texts here.